Our clients’ brands are at different stages of global development and preparation for introducing the brand to the demanding and competitive market that is Poland. We help in systematizing knowledge, needs and the amount of work that needs to be done before entering the market. Together we define goals, budgets, choice of tools and subsequent implementation of the plan according to the established strategy. We offer auditing, consulting and project services, as well as long-term work with the brand. We adjust the offer according to individual needs and investment capabilities. Our Clients value us for elasticity, creativity and a thorough familiarity with the Polish cosmetics market. The knowledge and experience of our experts allow us to personalise solutions that can be both ad hoc and long-term.

As part of our work with the brand we can specify a couple of main areas:



Smarketing audit

Specifying the starting position of the brand in regard to commercial and competitive potential, clarifying brand goals. The audit consists of market analysis, SWOT, specifying the direction of strategic brand construction and its next steps, matching up points of sales with the purpose of creating a competitive commercial offer.

Smarketing strategy

Adaptation of international brand strategy to conditions of the Polish market. Specifying the target group with its insights, biggest competitive advantages of the brand and key touch points. The strategy considers detailed plans for introduction of the brand to the market.

Plans and smarketing budgeting

An inseparable part of the strategy is its implementation plan. Written out step by step, tool by tool with a detailed budget and implementation plan. The marketing plan is established together with the sales plan, which guarantees the brands’ safe start, limiting the threats of over-investing on the market or any specific sales channel.

Complex smarketing offer

The sales offer consists of all the elements above. It has to be presented in a thoughtful and attractive way, with consideration of factual competitive advantages and specific sales points’ needs.

Negotiations and contracting

Last, but not least, an extremely important part. Closure of the process of offering the brand to specific sales points. This requires knowledge of the market, the offer and brand differentiators, as well as an in-depth familiarity with the competition and sales points expectations. Negotiations and later contracting complete the process of introducing the brand to the Polish market.


Strategic marketing

The strategy is a detailed plan of actions, comprising the idea behind the brand, with a written plan of communication, promotion and development. It enables the brand to grow, increase customer loyalty and engage new consumers.

Content marketing

Content marketing is information about the brand and product, knowledge and its presentation in an interesting and engaging way. It is one of the key factors in an age of digitization. Consumers search for information about the brand, and our job is to provide that information in a proper way – clear and understandable for the customer.

Digital marketing

As part of the strategy and planning we define tools that will be used in the brands’ introduction to the Polish market. Our job is to create communication which will be strategically consistent and distinguish the brand with its character on the market.

Trade marketing

Depending on the cosmetics category, this involves the arrangements concerning brand presentation in the contracted sales point – we create a dedicated exhibition that helps in distinguishing the brand from the competition and underlining its competitive advantages.

Knowledge management

Proper product recommendation will be provided by appropriate brand preparation in the sales point, e-learning and other tools that increase knowledge and the desire to educate personnel to recommend brand products in the sales point.


Sales and marketing care

Dynamics and competitiveness of the market, as well as new opportunities for development, require constant optimization of smarketing actions. Introducing the brand to the market is only the beginning of the work process. Care includes constant monitoring of competition, sales reports and analysis, with the aim of optimizing the assortment offer, price and promotion policies, and brand communication strategies. This step is conducted with constant contact with the brand supplier, selected sales points and the smarketing team.

Event’s marketing

The market offers a chain of professional, consumer and blogger events which the brand can participate in, or organise its own. The selection of meetings and their character are considered according to the chosen strategy or its later optimization.

Blogers’ & influencers’ marketing

New media, new communication channels that change dynamically – in a digitized era a must-have for every brand. It is important to use these means of communication in a wise, responsible and reliable way that is effective for the brand.

Advertising campaigns /digital/ PR

This aspect is realized in accordance with brand budgeting or revenue from sales on the Polish market. Campaigns are led by the smarketing team, in connection with the sales point, to achieve greater efficiency of the chosen advertising tools.